Urban square in Cardice, SK.


In the middle of the main street of Caradice, in Slovakia countryside, this urban space wants to become an important node in the city. This path follows the car road which links the town to the highway. In its urban section, this road changes into an urban path inbetween two landmarks. First of them is clearly defined by the church building while several nodes are place along. The plot has the determination of becoming another node in the walk but it also has the need of achieving a new landmark that encloses the path.



The design of this coner-shaped plot reflects the stucture of fields in the outskirts. The extreme geometrical disposition of the trees here (as perpendicular axis) makes the square leafy but porouse conecting both streets. The irregular catwalk invades the green side ocupying second thirds of the square. As a plus, the urban furniture, with a customized design, breaks the ortodoxe geometry. Set up in a square plot, it is placed in the site and spun 45 degrees according to the axis of the trees.


Material, Furniture and Vegetation

Choosing vernacular material and vegetation gives the place an identity connected with the landscape. Decidious trees and grass for the vegetation part and traditional paving stone for the urbanized one while urban furniture are carfully chosen in wood (with metal structure) or totally customized and made of wood boards.