Building adaptations in flat 4+kk in Žďár nad Sázavou

Concept nursery
Children's room addresses the basic functions needed for preschool and school age. Reflected in the staircase, which is also designed as a solitaire and a foreign body in the area of the room.
Basic scenarios are taken into account developments in the area such as playing, reading, writing and storage. The solution is daylight and artificial lighting. Individual functions are complemented by furniture with drawers and illumination.
This is the wardrobes according to the needs of children and their parents. We leave it to the floor consideration invsotora. We dare to propose solutions in solid wood flooring and basic spárořezu contemporary floor for gaming
children on the floor.

Concept entrance hall
Entrance hall is completed with the necessary storage space. Wardrobe storage space, we propose a pragmatic člěnin within 5 squares of 610 mm width. Height is broken into two parts level and upper door jambs
remaining storage portion. Other locations mirror the breakdown of internal parts can be seen from the attached documentation and visualizations.

Available in NAFA respected. The main role of natural daylight from the eastern part. At the window is positioned desk. Storage is at the window, and after the remaining walls of the room. The bed is included
multifunctional wardrobes. Stairways propose to conclude sound and completely separated from the children's room. It is a department of visual and rail in the form of different materials in order to meet the desired effect of the award.

The most material within the flat floor is made up of original oak parquet. The walls are designed in white, the furniture is a combination of white and oak wood or sheet made of oak from a stencil Trab / Egger.
Stairs propose to retain the existing structure and texture and the solution we propose only to finish within the ward room from the staircase. Stairways must act in accordance with the accompanying visuals as a solitary statue,
which is in contrast material and completely independent of the rest of the room.

Flat lighting is designed in a combination of surface-zvěšených fixtures Halla E supplemented Ikea lamps.

All steps must be carried forward with a carpenter on site according to the project documentation of the study. Architect we recommend and prescribe proper focus carpenter at the location of the attached drawings
with the participation of architects and investors. Architect recommends the development of investor itemized budget with basic items including end prices for better control project costs.

Atelier Vltava Ltd. 01/2016

1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

  • an architectural concept and realization of kids room in the flat 4+1 and realization afterwards
  • The catalogue of the stairs that goes into a kid room, concept, 20160201