Reconstruction, renovation of the villa in Králíky, Dolní Morava, 2019-2020, CZ

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Atelier Vltava s.r.o.


3VF-Urban Permission CKA

  • The label Construction allowed 15/10/2020

5VF-Technical design RIBA CKA

  • DPS 5VF CKA - a technical design stage, section elevation
  • A technical design for structural engineering - villa Kraliky, CZ 10/2020 -assignment 01
  • A technical design and CIVIL ENGINEERING part of documentation villa Kraliky, CZ 10/2020 -assignment 01
  • A technical design DETAILS villa Kraliky CZ 10/2020 - in progress
  • 2019-01-Kraliky-DSPaDPS-PDF-do-20221122
  • The floorplan of 1.pp - suteren floor and its renovation and reconstruction
  • 5VF ČKA DPS Electric wires and systems

    7VF-Tendr – Tender cooper. / Construction CKA RIBA

    • 7VF ČKA - Aulix lightning, tender final products after tender