Architectural competetion, Písek, 3rd place, 10/2013, South Bohemia, CZ - 3rd place, in realization from 2016-2018!

Atelier Vltava Ltd. biggest project leading to realization between 2013-2015. We are still in progress to finish a project developed design, technical design and construction. We hope that the term of  in use phase comming for spring 2016.

We are planning with the major building and opening of the building site for period 04/2014. Come to see and visit our riverside designed in Pisek between 2015-2016!

Sited near the historical center of Pisek downtown, the proposal to solve Otava river side won the 3rd out of 25 contestants (architectural offices) in an open competition. With an investment of 15 million CZK and a time projection of 15-20 years, we feel happy that our proposal was placed before others made by practices which have longer tradition and more famouse name. We just point out the jury´s comment on our proposal:

"The proposal addresses a simple form of access to the river and functionally engages the whole river bank to the adjacent promenade. Thanks to the stairs that enable sitting and watching activities, visitor is closer to the solved historical monument area of the Kamanný most( Stone bridge Písek). The area is then designed in three possible ways for strolling. First way is near the water, the middle way inbetween and the main old path near the old public city buildings."

Authors of the project: Iveta Horáková, Jan Augustin, Zbynek Buchta, Jan Psota older

Team Atelier Atelier Vltava Ltd.

1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

  • Perspective main view on the river bench, riverside in Písek, architectural design
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  • Perspective view from the top of the solved area - riverside in Písek, South Bohemia
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  • 3D model of the riverside in Písek

4VF-Urban permission / Developed design CKA RIBA

  • Perspective view from the top of the solved area - riverside in Písek, South Bohemia
  • The city Písek - riverside - data for geodets and GIS MISYS data 20140620

Contest Concept

  • S201302Pisekprezentaceverejnapisek20131015zmenseniweb
  • S201302Psiekschema_pro_animovanygifzastupitelstvo
  • S201302Pisek_v120131010.inddschema_pro_gif

    PR / Press / Media

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