Reconstruction of the flat 2+1, 3th and 4th floor, Prague 7, 2012-2014, CZ

The apartments are located in a partially renovated, mixed-use residential building in Prague 7, Milady Horakove 32. The aim of the project is renovating these two apartmets 2+1 which the investor would like to rent. They are located in 3th and 4th floor and the ground acces to the stairwell is done by the inner courtyard.
Our proposal focuses in refacing the existing wooden floor and providing new tiles or stucco plaster floor where needed. On the other hand, the proposal describes the changes in the living spaces facing the street facade with some documentation and visualizations.

The following catalogue shows how this basic concept follows its implementation.

Team Atelier Vltava Ltd.

1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

  • 201318STU1katalogdispozicnireseni2.NP2_KK20130918rozpocet.indd_1
  • Catalog of the bathroom 20131126
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  • The catalogue of the concept - 03 - 20131025
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  • Catalogue of the concept 04 - the final one with bathroom