Terrace for an apartment in Zdar Nad Sazavou, CZ.


Sited on the first floor of a dweling block, this apartment opens its main spaces to a terrace that faces the street. Right next to a parking entrance, the terrace suffers from noise and pollution. Due to this fact, the aim of the project becomes protecting the open space from this phenomena in order to achieve an enjoyable outside place.



Following that protection goal, the action consistes in shaping the border of the terraze as if it were a bird's nest. A structure of interlocking wooden rods surrounds the existing fence and modifies the boundary with the street. Different climbing vegetation complements the new limit making it a good wall for noises, due to its porosity, and pollution, because of the plants. The new structure encloses the outside dining space and relates it to the inside through the full heigh glass windows.


Materials and Vegetation

The interocking rods are fix to the existing metal fence. They are made of wood and light enough to be held by the fence but strong enough to support the climbing vegetation. This vegetation consists on any type of climbing species which will grow to cover the whole plane and achieve a green protecting wall.

1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

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5VF-Technical design RIBA CKA

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