Reconstruction of the flats, roof adaptation - Kamenická street , Prague 7, 2012-2015, CZ

The project is located in 6th floor of a multifuctional appartment building in Kamenická street, a quiet area near downtown between two important parks in Prague 7. As part of Letná district, the block has a special monument care regulation that limits the actions on it according to the State Administrative authorities. Due to this fact, both the architectural and the acceses designs are established.

The original request comes up when the investor buys an "appartment-to-be" in the attic with a valid building permission. The goal then is to achieve the following three tasks: extending the already existing permission and including on it the accesed to 6th floor (by the existing fire stairs to the courtyard and a new elevator, sited on the same multifuctional courtyard), guaranteeing the security of the negotation and the architectural design for the new dwelling in the attic.

According to the permission acepted by the authorities, the action is focus in increasing the wall plate facing the inner courtyard (to allow an habitable height in half of the floor area) and placing dormers in the facade facing the street (in order to bring light in while not disturbing the traditional elevation of the block). The inside distribution is defined by the old, existing chimneys which divide most of the floor plant in two rectangles. This distribution matches with the two different ceiling situations, what is used to determine the position of the public and private spaces in the appartment. Thereby, the living room, dinning room and kitchen take up the place looking to the courtyard, almost working as a continous, flexible space, while the bedrooms are set below the existing, sloping roof in a more private way. As a plus of the project, the space above the fire stairs is included to the appartment plan as a boxroom attached to the entrance hall.

The team of Atelier Vltava Ltd.


8VF-Author's supervision, Handover CKA RIBA

  • Realization of the roof adataptaion / reconstruction Prague 7
  • Realization of the roof adataptaion / reconstruction Prague 7
  • Realization of the roof adataptaion / reconstruction Prague 7