A new villa house, Prague Hostivar, an architectural design / concept, 2016-2018, CZ

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Urbanism Location for the design of new townhouses near the city of Prague 15 - HOSTIVAŘ. This is the original quiet urbanized location in Prague, ranked by fewer houses, with nearby industrial parts and in direct contact on a railway corridor to Brno. Location is originally networked and ready the city administration for further possible construction of five new plots. Investor approached us with construction of two-storey single house building program with the functional area around 300 to 400 m² on a relatively small plot of land with maximum capacity development. Surrounding buildings consist mainly of planned new houses and several new residential buildings. Neighboring houses, but exist only in the form of projects submitted for the issuance of appropriate permits, they are already ready for further construction in the 03-04 / 2017 Solved community has developed a detailed study of regional and processed future regulations, which arose prior to the sale of individual plots of land in accordance with applicable součné planning documentation. Functional areas in the territory plan OV-B with respective binary text part of the regulation and the existence of new building regulations Prague with effect from 08.01.2016. Strict regulation forced us during the study addressed the subject in the form of a simple two-storey house with an attic. Regarding the regulation we propose to put the house in accordance with the regulations of the site to solve Land in the appropriate position zástavbového rectangle. When placing the house on the property is also necessary to observe the prescribed street line and distances from the boundary 5m. The house is located near the main access road. This is a less land to 400 square meters and therefore left at maximum volume solution much space to form solutions gardens. Solution gardens while ovliňuje solutions neighboring plots and distances from each neighbor solved the land.

More info will be added after hand out of the concept stage in 01-02/2017.

Atelier Vltava Ltd. Prague

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