Reconstrution of the flat Prague Vinohrady, Prague,2010-2012, CZ

Sited on Prague 2, Vinohrady, this appartment reconstruction project is designed as a response to a previously solved kitchen area. In adittion to this response, the aim of the action is to set a new fire place in the living room and create a space for the collection of African masks that the investor owns.

The kitchen distribution links the living room and the dinning room giving the space a sense of continuity while facing the stairs. Our goal was to keep this continous feeling while distinguishing the different fuctions for each part. The fireplace gives the key to the action, working as a hinge between the kitchen and the living area. It is designed for the chimney wall that separates this two fuctions and it is place on the corner. The body of the fireplace is made of pure freestone closed in two sides with glass doors. On the other hand, the wall above the sofa is used as a bas-relif gallery for the African masks collection.

In order to reinforce the unit feature of the space, all the furniture are custom designed. This way, the kitchen island (main object inside the kitchen) is made as a monolithic, CORIAN object in the middle of the way to the sitting place. As a reference to it, the coffee table in the living room is design in the same way but having a special characteristic: the top board is made of the same mateliar than the floor. As a strategy to decrease the optical weight of the table, backlit LED lights are set on the inner edges. In the opposite wall to the sofa, television is placed solitary in a customize hangging cabinet. This item provides storage space for DVD and is backlit . The dimmer control of the backlight is placed on the sofa.  The storage furniture are design in two different ways. On one hand, the free-standing shelves next to the sofa and TV are made of bent wood boards. On the other hand, the stair case is redisinged to host diferent shelves and cabinets that take their function depending their position inside the space (whether facing the kitchen, whether facing the sofa).

As a plus of the living space, in the gap behing the fireplace and facing the window, a cosy reading place is designed. Working individually both for its function and look, it achieves a private spot within the public area of the dwelling. Its fabric walls contrast with the general white picture and the concrete screed of the fireplace wall. The interior lighting isdesigned with several stand-up lamps and is complemented by indirect lighting behind the TV and coffee table.

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