Education centre with wellness, Stanoviště, South Moravia, 2010, CZ

The aim of the project becomes to design a mixed use facility that hosts both an educational center and some accomodation. Dividing the programme into the two existing blocks gives the key to the proposal: on one block the training facilities, accomodation for trainees and a wellness center, and on the other block manager's dwelling.  These two blocks need to be different but connected in order to achieve a proper operation of the complex. The bigger, original building, that faces the street, houses most of the training facilities and accomodation while the other one is enlarged to close the access to the backyard and housing the kitchen and living area of the manager's dwelling. The volume, running parallel to the plot limit, links first the two buildings and then extends to the garden.
The long garden is conceived both as an entrance path and a leisure spot to where all the complex looks. Indoors, the space flows freely in the two different blocks connecting most of the diferent programmes and big windows, from floor to ceiling, face the garden to allow light inside. As in the two blocks indoors space, the garden is divided by enlarging one of the buildings. In order to distinguishing the public garden for the training facilities and a private one for the manager's house so all the rooms in this house can be open to the backyard, getting the proper privacy while enjoying open rooms to the nature.
The construction design of this project has two parts too. On one hand, the reconstruction of the existing facilities and, on the other hand, the new building. Regarding the reconstruction, the smaller couldn't be done so, while keeping the original place and shape, it is rebuilt. The foundations and ground floor of the other building are preserved and shown and set a dialogue between the old part and the new.
Heluz is the chosen building system for the rest of the complex. This ceramic brick of 450 mm plus the 150 mm of issolation compete the facades. All it finished in white plaster and black roof to give a sense of unity to the complex.


The garden lighting system, enphasizes the axis of the entrance. By designing the side fence as a series of different straight panels displaced from one to each other, the lights are placed in the gap between the panels. This vertical strips of lights work as beacons in the way that shows the path with indirect lighting.

1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

  • The congress center - concept of Atelier Vltava Ltd, perspective
  • 201001_Stanoviste_STU_2011_final
  • Perspective view - congress center South Moravia, CZ
  • 201001Stanoviste_STU_VIN_20120725_parkoviste_01
  • 201001Stanoviste_STU_VIN_20120719_parkoviste_02
  • 201001Stanoviste_STU_VIN_20121015_plot_02_bez_hesla

2VF-Concept design RIBA CKA

  • 201001_Stanoviste_DUR_textova_cast_20111215_PDF
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DUR_D_20111215_PDF

3VF-Urban Permission CKA

  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_A_BEZ_20111215_PDF
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_B_BEZ_20111215_PDF
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_C_final_BUC_20110822
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_D_rozepsana_BUC_20110822
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_E_BEZ_20111215_final
  • 201001_Stanoviste_DSP_F_BEZ_20111215_final

    4VF-Urban permission / Developed design CKA RIBA

    • 201001_stanoviste_zss_pdf_20110109_01

    5VF-Technical design RIBA CKA

    • 201001_Stanoviste_BOUR_MAL_20120523