Architectural competetion, Planá nad Lužnicí - riverside, 03/2015, CZ - 2nd place

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Justification of the chosen architectural solutions
History of the town Plana above the river is the river Lužnicí closely linked. Lužnice had to determine the center of great significance. Entering anonymous architectural competition deals with the main cultivation plánského waterfront, which is directly connected to the main urban spaces revitalized form of an architectural competition for the revitalization of downtown Planá took place in 2014. The context of a small South Bohemian town, which lies partially in a conurbation with the cities and Tabor Sezimovo Ústí requires local intervention in the form of sensitive urban and architectural design new waterfront area with a length of about 800m. After years of ignoring quality and beauty of public spaces embankment near the square should be the space, according to our proposal and emphasized similarly revitalized and transformed as previously narrower center.

The proposal to solve the shore works only within a specified area of the competition. Lužnice shore, where he grew up in the history of pedestrian and cycle paths meziměstkého and local character, is another great potential. Well it should be solved but the entire bank Lužnice, in a broader intermunicipal or long distance relationships conurbation Tabor, Sezimovo Ústí, Planá, not only for the seasonal months and in the specified length of about 800m. This is the current idea of contemporary architectural and urban development theory municipal units in relation to the flow of rivers.
The NAFA expect recovery plánského waterfront and create a pleasant promenade for leisure visitors to the city residents. Line the waterfront should be a calming contrast to the lively contemporary communication through the center of the city and allow recreational use and the rest in the form of everyday recreation.

Rationale selected architectural and urban design
The determining factor is the directive of the river in relation to revitalizovanému city center. Closely connected to the main areas of the waterfront city also influence the future design of its use. Solution space, as defined by the polygon sponsor, located mainly in the newly established bicycle path with built in flood embankment with relatively poor performance detail. Binding conditions sponsor, Vltava River Basin and other protective zones, the revitalization of the city throughout the studied area are fully respected in the draft.
The proposal aims to clearly define the functions of the newly created public space. Individual key locations along the new path - the place for confectioneries, at the power plant, at school, at the nursing home, with sauna etc. suitably supplemented by other contemporary functional elements of the waterfront and public space. The proposal seeks simply to encourage future users waterfront form local, wide area and dominant elements waterfront greater and lesser importance according to the connection to the city center. The territory thus be designed using elements well
confess safely move and navigate.

We propose to create a natural calming contrast to the lively contemporary communication through the center of town. The purpose is to involve citizens in the life of the river, finding new scenarios and events in the life of an independent public space revitalized downtown. The proposal seeks to peacefully its maximum potential for the development of the city while not disturbing its original context, history and regional character of the place.
A new cycle path along the river is now mainly used by pedestrians, cyclists and in-line skaters. Pedestrian are often in a worse position when they go in each direction cyclist or skater. When designing and generally looking at cross sections of the real place for smooth and safe pedestrian walk.

We are looking for a place to propose cyclists and in-line skaters in everyday recreation. We are looking for a place for cyclists propose regional or vacationers who use the bike path in the nature of a long distance between cities in the conurbation of Tabor, and plans Sezimova Ústí nad Lužnicí. We are looking propose a resting place for residents of nursing home. We are looking propose a place of rest, spectacle and snacks for holidaymakers and local athletes on tennis courts in the southern part of the area. We are looking for a place to propose their easy access by car from the revitalized downtown. We are looking for them and propose a major parking or parking. Safe and quiet place to relax with a view or for anchoring on the waterfront are important for both local fishermen and the young couple who is here on a walk.
These places for rest and counterpart everyday busy life forms piers and stairs to the water in a reasonable number of local contextual and reasonable volume in the entire length of the area. Mola is the crossing point connecting service roads from the city center adjacent to the promenade along the water. These objects are in accordance with the specified regulations and contracting Vltava river basin. The objects are accompanied by the required functions such as contracting. Appropriate street furniture and the kind of urban lighting, berthing and are consistent design solutions for the revitalization of downtown.

The overall design concept of the proposal waterfront in connection to the original proposal implemented to revitalize the city center is a compact local contextual whole. The city and waterfront include more walking, citizens, random visitors and cyclists at the expense of automobile passenger and freight transport.


Contest Concept

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