Reconstrution / renovation of the optician store and optician factory in Žďár nad Sázavou, region Vysočina, 2011-2013, CZ

The new Latal optician store and factory is situated in the ground floor of polyclinics Zdar. Near the main entrance and provided with a wheelchairs acces, its location is excellent insede of the complex. As part of a re-branding process, the project both for the retail and production facility and for the optician clinic are design following the new visual style in materials, lighting and furnitures.

The proposal for the sales facility consist in dividing the primary space in two parts, following the longitudinal section. This way, the shop is set by the entrance sidet and the workshop in the back. Facing the southern window, the workshop space benefits from the daylight becoming a nice place to work in. Both spaces are separated by a translucent glass which allows sunlight goes though. Some visual control can be possible from one part to another.  The retail part is also open to the main hallway of the clinic by a glass wall. This effect, combined to the back sunlight effect, make the place lighter than the hallway what, optically, attracts clients' attention into it. Furthermore, this also achieves a connection with the opticioan clinic across the hall.