The philosophy of Atelier Vltava, the architectural and design office, is to provide architectural and design solutions that balance between region context, analysis, sensibility, concept and structure. Atelier Vltava currently provides architectural, civil ingeneering, industrial, master planning project and project support services to developers, investors, municipalities and private clients mainly in the central Europe area.

Atelier Vltava was established in 2006 in Czech republic by Zbyněk Buchta. Today Atelier Vltava as the limited partnership company employs/cooperates more than 5 permanent professionals and 5 students of the Faculty of architecture in Prague, CTU.

Our team between - today or former team members 2006-2023: Jakub Straka, Miloš Fischer, Pavel Vinter, Klára Andrlová, Jitka Šívrová, Jitka Brablecová, Ondřej Rakušan, Jana Marková, Pavel Tesař, Patrik Štancl, Helena Tůmová, Vladislava Veselá, Mélody Nicoud FR, Alexandra Večerová, Radek Fron, Jaroslav Malina, Kristýna Zámostná, Eva Smažilová, Aneta Vilhelmová, Iveta Horáková, Jan Augustin SK, Ciera Crowell USA, Monika Ohrazdová, Martina Podoláčková, Lucie Sejkorová, Almudena Rodriguéz SP, Marian Ján SK, Audrey Requillart FRA, Carolina Carvalho PT, Miroslav Bachura SK, Mária Lucia Cicero ITA, Shervin Peyghambari IRAN, Doğa Erdoğmuş TUR, Michal Břicháček, Matouš Cardal, Julia Niklasson SWE, Václav Kraus, Jan Funda, Tomáš Korejtko, David Nikl, Jan Zíka, Zbyněk Buchta

During last 13 years of practice, Atelier Vltava has led the realization/studies/competetions/interiors/technical design of more then 120 projects throughout Prague, Vienna and Dresden area. In 2013 our team cooperated and managed to prepare the project Czech pub in Beiijing, China in cooperation with studio Abante s.r.o.. It was our first project in Asia.  We won in january 2014, after 3rd Place in urban bank river competetion in Písek, our first big urban competetion that was about the city center revitalization of The City of Planá nad Lužnicí. This city revitalization going to be built up between 2016-2018. During 2014 we have started to prepare complete urban documentation(Concept design, Developed design, Technical Design, Construction) to realize the riverside in Písek, South Bohemia, CZ after winning the tender based on an anonymous architectural competetion due to The Czeh chamber of architects. Atelier Vltava Ltd., during 2016 as an architect and civil engeneering project documentation provider, is supporting and creating public space of the center of three important cities in the Czech republic area after architectural anonymous competetions - Kladno, Písek and Planá nad Lužnicí. Next year we won an open architectural public competetion, first bigger project in the capital of Czech republic, Prague. It was the project to reconstruct a public space and 4 houses at the subway station I.P.Pavlova, Prague 2 at the junction I.P.Pavlova, Prague 2 in 2018. We also won in 2017 the public open architectural competetion to reconstruct  the headquaters of The national fund of the traffic and infrastructure in Prague in 2017 and created new. Meanwhile 2018-2021 we were focusing in some new vila housing projects and old vila project renovations mainly in Prague and Vysocina region. We were invated to create public space and parks for the City of Sezimovo Usti to create public space park project Tresnovka for local inhabitants in 2021 based of area 13.000m².

Our main interest is develepment and revitalization of common public city and village space - squares, parks, riversides, districts, bulvars. Housing and housing facilities- block of flats. Interiors - large experience of using Corian, Hi-macs ect. materials in interiors, industrial buildings, family houses, personal interiors, gardens, reconstrustions of historical buildings

Atelier Vltava Ltd.


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