Reconstruction of two bed apartment and the attic, Veselská, Žďár nad Sázavou, 2014, CZ

Reconstruction of housing units 3 + 1 for the needs of young family with two children of preschool age. The apartment is located on the second floor of a two storey residential building with an attic in a quiet location Zdar. The dwelling includes a part of the attic space above the apartment. Variant is considered to annex this area to the apartment or its adaptation on independent housing unit for rental purposes.
3 + 1 apartment building from the fifties is under renovation tailored to the needs of a young family with two children of preschool age. The dwelling includes a fourth attic space of a residential building , which is located above the layout of the apartment. The initial intention to link the apartment with a loft was eventually dismissed after discussions with the investor. The attic space will be created separate apartment sizes 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom.
Reconstructed flat 3 + 1 in 2.NP will serve as the main apartment for the family. Separate apartment on the top floor will be rented out or alternatively be used as an apartment for visitors or children during their studies at university or high school outside Zdar nad Sazavou.

Under the current state of the flat solved as 3 + 1 was based on the requirement for two children's bedrooms and 1 bedroom flat layout created 4 + kk. The living area was connected with a kitchenette and it was obtained space for parents' bedroom. The entrance area of the apartment was enlarged and leads directly into the living space. The wall separating the hallway and living space from the children's room consists of storage cabinets throughout the length and height of the wall. Parents' bedroom is located in a former kitchen. The bathroom was increased from the original version. WC remained in the same place and was accompanied by a sink.

The main entrance area consists of the main road into all the other rooms of the apartment. The corridor is accessible bathroom, master bedroom, children's room and main living area with kitchen and dining table . The layout was because of the requirement to 3 bedrooms changed from 3 + 1 to 4 + kk.

Material solution
The most significant material within the flat is floor made up of original oak parquet. The walls are designed in white , the furniture is a combination of white and wood. Variant is considered material solution with new parts built-in furniture monocolor light gray to gray .

Flat lighting is designed in a combination of surface-mounted luminaires and suspended lamps in combination with LED lights built into furniture and kitchen cabinets.


Team of Atelier Vltava Ltd.


1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

  • Catalogue of concept STS1
  • Catalogue of concept STS2 - detailed concept
  • Catalogue of concept STS3 - material concept
  • Catalogue of concpet STS4 - bathroom and entrance hall

5VF-Technical design RIBA CKA

  • Catalogue for realization DPS - V1

    6VF-Tendr documentation / Construction CKA RIBA

    • Catalougue for selection of the contractor DZS - V1