The realization of the living kitchen of the family house in Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina region, 2010-2013, CZ


Interior design of residential kitchens was designed simultaneously with the interior design of the entire house. The original task to desing only the interior. After discussion with the client we have modified the entire layout that has been designed for the renovation of a house. The result was a simplified layout. Because of the construction permittion has been issued, we were not changing the bearing structures. Only after adjusting the layout made sense to deal directly with the interior layout. Interior concept works using mostly built-in custom furniture. Shape solution is minimalistic. In every room for the basic colors, we use one stronger accent color. In the kitchen it is a red glass behind the working top.


The original layout was full of complicated solutions. We simplified it and the main living space is now in the shape of a rectangle. The entrance to the living area is from the hallway with a staircase that forms the main way connecting the whole house. The living area is directly connected to the garden with a terrace.


In the living space there is the dominant material oak mosaic floor, which is stained to a dark brown color. Built-in furniture and kitchen are processed from LTD and MDF coated with foil. Furniture is drawn in white and gray LTD. Material of worktops is made of artificial stone Hi-macs in white color. The wall behind the kitchen worktop is from LACOBEL glass in red.


Within the residential kitchen are used halogen pendant lights in combination with built-in LED strips for the furniture.


From the original small task to design the interior of the main living space the project turned into a completely new layout of the house. The proposed solution uses better the quality of the plot.


1VF-Preparation and brief, strategy RIBA CKA

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3VF-Urban Permission CKA

  • Removing the construction of the garden house