The polish and poverty of czech architectural competetions, 18/09/2014, Praha, CZ

We would like to invite you for the discussion and presentation: The polish and poverty of czech architectural competetions – discussion with majors and their architects from public competetions Place: Czech centers Prague, Rytířská Str 31 / Rytirska Str. no 31, 110 00 Prague 1 Date: 18/9/2014, od 19:00 Cities: Vodňany, Planá u Mariánských Lázní, Písek, Planá nad Lužnicí / Vodnany, Plan u Marianskych Lazni, Plana nad Luznici, Pisek

Presentation Shine and poverty of the Czech architectural competitions - discussion with the mayors and architects
loosely based on the related topic of the first debate in the spring of 2014 which further elaborates on
basis of specific projects.
Hold anonymous public architectural competition to cities in Czech Republic pays off!
Action has show experience, knowledge and urban development following the competition from mayors
architects, and in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Architects. It is a city Vodňany,
Plana at Marienbad, Sand and plains above the river. The Czech Republic is anonymous
architectural competitions as saffron. This event has the support of more intense
architectural competitions in the Czech Republic and convey the overall picture of events according
representatives of each city.
The evening will be hosted by the Czech TV moderator and a fan of architecture, Mr.
Jakub Železný.
Czech Centre Prague, Knight 31, 110 00 Praha 1
09/18/2014, 19:00

We look forward to your participation!
Czech Centre Prague, mayors Vodňany, Plana at Marienbad, Sand and plans
above the river and architectural offices Xtopix, Edit! and Atelier Vltava.