Atelier Vltava is going to design and lead a project of The square of Edvard Beneš area in Kladno and surrounding streets. Kladno, 12/2015, CZ

We have won a public tender, an architectural and a project coumpetetion based on Public Procurement Act law, to revitalize and reconstruct public space of the square of Edvard Beneš and neighbouring streets in The city of Kladno, CZ. It is a compact urbanistic historical part of the city: Jana Palacha, Zd. Petříka, Saskova, Pavlisova, Kubelíkova, Tyršova. There are important public facilities and servicies. We are to sign contract in 01/2016 wih the city major - primator.

We should design of public space of The of square of Edvard Beneš in Kladno and surrounding streets. Atelier Vltava Ltd. is exepecting valid building permission until 06-07/2016 due to contract. We have been asked for a long term cooperation with a city architect of The city of Kladno in 01-07/2016 about future look of public square near to The regional court and other secondary schools surrounded by joined streets.

We are to present on 02/02/2016 from 6:30 pm in Kladno for a public about basic concepts. We will provide more information on our website or public medias in cooperation with a city of Kladno. The city of Kladno:

Atelier Vltava 12/2015